Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Within the field of pipeline integrity, structural integrity is a key requirement. In the oil and gas industry 20% of all incidents (beyond a proscribed threshold) in the US which occur annually are caused by corrosion. Within the Canadian market, river crossings for crude oil gathering/transmission pipelines remain a huge source of concern due to their vulnerability during the winter as rivers rise in a flood state and the resultant pressure brings huge strain to bear on the pipeline. Such challenges are shared within the water industry (particularly in respect of any grey water contamination) and indeed in respect of the produced water which is a by-product of the petrochemical industry.

In Alaska pipeline footings can be moved by up to 2 feet by the freezing/thawing of the permafrost whilst cross-winds can create harmonics on the pipelines which also cause structural damage over time. Heavy precipitation can not only wash away/undermine footings but the soaking and drying of the land can similarly cause deformation in the structures, even without seismic impacts.

Within the pipelines themselves are challenges such as hydrates (ice formations and corrosion caused by condensation/humidity) which the global infrastructure engineering community has long-since sought to identify/quantify using internal pipeline measurement/maintenance approaches in periodic surveys.

The field of ultrasonics has a well-proven track record of analysing not merely material integrity (identifying flaws, cracks, welding failures and wall thickness) but also strain. The aviation sector has extensively used the technology to perfect preventative maintenance on the ‘closed loop’ system that is an aircraft.

Building upon such proven approaches Dashboard, in collaboration with some of the leading innovators in the space, to develop continuous/remote NDT monitoring solutions for field deployment in the world’s harshest enviroments.

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