Within the Dashboard team, we have mechanical and electronic engineers (responsible for designing the attachment collar, environmental enclosure, circuitry, power/recharge system and telemetry systems). We have specialist knowledge of electronic security (for transmission, user authentication and platform systems) Big Data technical architects, data engineers/programmers (to implement the data analysis systems) and visualization designers/programmers (UI/UX) for the dashboard designers.

We have sought to assemble a formidable array of engineering, technical, analytic and design talent and to partner with companies (both large and small) on specific areas of technology/projects as required.

In terms of industrial expertise, we have a Heavy Oils professional who is an oil field innovation/technology specialist, a chemical engineer from Shell, a waste processing/predictive maintenance professional, an open source cloud technologies/enterprise mobility lead. We are supported by highly experienced investors spanning multiple verticals and have engaged the services of an extended network of advisers (to which we are constantly adding).

In addition, the company has accreditation/certification, lean production and field deployment knowhow/experience (driven by our commitment to continuous improvement) and Dashboard continues to expand/extend collaboration with leading experts in mechanical engineering, ultrasonics and data science to name but three specialisms.

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