Albert Einstein once famously said ‘information is not knowledge.’ In today’s industrial world companies have a wealth of data on which to carry out sophisticated analysis and quantify improvements for the future, but identifying the nuggets in a spoil heap of information is a huge challenge. Revolutions in technology now enable new data to be collected, in news ways and from processes/locations which would have been economically if not technically impractical/impossible only a handful of years ago. Much like a jigsaw with pieces missing, the new combined with the old allows industrial users to complete the picture and make effective decisions about how to improve efficiency in the future.

Dashboard is a cleantech company rooted in the transformational power of data analysis with a mission to reduce environmental industrial impacts, improve safety, increase transparency/accountability, reduce cost, mitigate security risk and minimise process interruptions. Each and every one of these objectives can be achieved by analysing past performance, understanding the present and by making predictions about future improvements.

It was Gandhi who said ‘you must become the change you want to see’ of individual self-improvement, but it applies equally to an organisation which is, after all, comprised of individuals. Effecting change means altering processes and it is imperative that change is not imposed ‘top down’ but instead that it is perceived as empowering all personnel to embrace business improvement bringing enterprise-wide benefits far greater than a bottom-line cost reduction.

Our philosophy is that there is no ‘off the peg’ solution, nor should companies agree to purchase a product/service developed for others. When it comes to industrial monitoring and analysis, it is critical that each solution be assembled following comprehensive consultation underpinned by site survey, to ensure that the end-to-end solution delivers the maximum ROI, whatever the performance metrics selected.

At Dashboard we aspire to partner with our customers, delivering our DAAS (data-as-a-service) solutions as a continuous monitoring contract shorn of its traditional capital expenditure (where new data acquisition hardware is required, it is incorporated in our contract) delivering services to a mutually agreed SLA which strikes a balance between customer and service provider.

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