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IoT Growth and Boundaries ?

Dashboard is a very enthusiastic speaker for IoT and the effect that it could have on the modern society once its full potential is unlocked. From smart homes to industrial applications and wearable technology, IoT has been on our main focal points since the very beginning.

Gartner Symposium 2017 Barcelona

The Dashboard CEO Piers Corfield, fresh from TC3 in Silicon Valley, travelled to Barcelona to attend the Gartner Symposium.

Paul Bosson – Non Executive Advisor

Paul has been a serial CFO of private-equity backed technology businesses for the last 15 years achieving 5 successful exits in that period. Most recently, he was CFO of the Access Group, the UK market leader in the supply of ERP systems to mid-sized corporates, which was sold to TA Associates in a secondary buy-out transaction in January 2015.

Electech Mergers Pushing Innovation

We often share news and talk about energy as well as big data in our articles, as these are two topics that are not only important to our business, but also close to our hearts.

Transparent Solar Panels Meeting Today’s Requirements

Back in 2014, the news of transparent solar energy technology first surfaced; the industry was excited by the concept of glass office buildings transforming sunlight into useful, green energy without sacrificing the aesthetic value.

UK Trade Mission to San Francisco

Dashboard was pleased to send team members Piers Corfield and Dana Parkins to TC3 held every year in Silicon Valley CA.

Machine Learning Taking Over Data Analytics

Today’s data landscape presents businesses with a unique problem. Where 15 years ago data would have been a limited resource from which organisations strived to milk all the analytics they could, today it has become an overwhelming challenge to transform it into constructed, sensible, and actionable intelligence.

RF Steaming To Benefit O&G

In this day and age, it is normal to encounter previously unthought of technologies in fields they were not originally meant.