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Dashboard and NEL Partnership

Dashboard was please to welcome Craig Marshall and Alick MacGillivray from TUV-NEL on a recent trip to our offices in the Exeter Science Park.

Bio-Compatible Batteries Already Here

Today, “battery” is a loaded word. While it means a powerful, easy energy solution, it is also synonymous with harmful, toxic, or otherwise environmentally unfriendly.

AT&T’s Plan for A Network of Edge Data Centres

As one of the world’s network giants, AT&T and their plans are always closely followed. Their continuous position as a leader of the market requires to stay on top of the latest technologies, resources and investment targets.

Clear Downhole Sight Possible

With the rapid development of the digital oilfield over the course of the last 10 years, it seems likely that the industry would already have developed an advanced tool for downhole sight.

Researchers Developing Leadless Solar Cells

As far as green energy methods go, solar panels have emerged as the favourite among many consumers.Harvesting power through solar panels is particularly easier than ever and professionals, as well as private consumers alike, have noted the benefits.

Is No Battery the New Battery?

The modern world of technology is very intent on finding the most powerful, efficient battery to power emerging gadgets and concepts – IoT, smart appliances and AI, to name a few.

Multiple Source Carbon Storage In Development

A short time ago Dashboard reported on the new possibility of placing data centres underwater and how many big companies, including Microsoft and Google, found the trend very promising.

New Cellular IoT Networks: A Guide

The development of the IoT market means all by-products are evolving too, and one of the most essential of these is network and the hosting of it: think of a phone in a flight mode, where there is no connection.

How The Customer Fits In With Big Data

All companies striving to implement the latest cutting-edge techniques are familiar with big data, and have at least looked into the concept at a practical level.