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A New Direction for IoT in SaaS

Cost efficiency – it is always a topic of conversation where IoT is mentioned. IoT saves money, time and effort for the customer and leads to better results for the user. Yet IoT is constantly changing and with new methods come new benefits – sometimes even for the provider too.

The Power of SolarCoin

The now familiar crypto currency, Bitcoin, is known around the world and used by over 10 million people. As one of the first of its kind it had a struggle first to gain market traction and is still not quite as popular as predicted at the time of its launch, yet it is a very fitting example of the success a digital currency alternative can have.

Integrated Infrastructure in Mining

In a race to save costs and maximise profit, mining companies have often chosen to work individually and not even considered cooperation with others as a viable option.

Digitalising engineering to lower oil sands cost

It is no secret that oil drilling and pumping is a financially demanding process but it is even more so when it is a question of oil sands. They not only require a substantially larger amount of water and energy in the drilling stage but the extracted oil then needs to be either upgraded to a different oil type or diluted.

Energy Internet – an American Dream?

The term “energy internet” (EI) is relatively new today. It hasn’t been used on a large scale quite yet and is nearly totally unknown to the average consumer.

The Imminent Need for a Mining Network

Perhaps one of the last of the natural resource industries to adapt IT and subsequently IoT is the mining industry. Two of the industry’s largest companies, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, are now showing commitment to this new integration of technology, e.g. automation, into their business model...

The O&G Fight for East Africa

Although oil and gas drilling sites have spread all over the world, from Saudi-Arabia to Canada and Russia, the industry can still be reluctant to set up new operations.

Heat Generation to Further Reduce Emissions

Thousands of years ago, when early humans felt cold they would burn wood to warm themselves, the heat creation process was a ground breaking discovery back then.