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European Renewable Energy Scenario

The future of renewable energy (primarily solar and wind based) is widely considered to be simultaneously inevitable, yet, unpredictable, with both being heavily susceptible to fluctuating weather patterns.

UK Government Boosts IoT As Part of Future of Mobility Challenge

As part of their Industrial Strategy, the UK government has set out four different Grand Challenges to focus on in terms of development. These define goals that the UK government intends to reach in the foreseeable future and set the tone as to which areas are the most important to develop in.

Britain’s Failing Fuel-Poor Homes Scheme

As of 2016, 2.5 million UK homes were classified as fuel-poor, defined as households that would fall below the poverty line after energy costs have been deducted from income.

Samsung Opens AI Research Centre in UK

The past five years have seen an enormous push for not only a multitude of connected technologies, particularly in fields of AI and Machine Learning, seeking to develop technology into a more intelligent enabler of human work.

The Environmental Limits of Delivery Drones

Over the last decade of development, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or simply, drones, have been rapidly established as one of the most versatile and defining technologies of today.

Online Purchasing Platform for O&G

The O&G industry is notable for its high barriers of entry within nearly every sub-sector, including drilling, supplying equipment and mechanical check-ups.

Nautilus Launches Spider-Inspired Samplers for Deepsea Mining

Nautilus Minerals is a very familiar name to any professional within the mining industry, the Canadian company is a pioneer of the sector, from experimenting with megaships for deepwater seabed mining to being the first organisation to ever explore the seabed for massive sulphide systems commercially.