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Making IoT Available: the mangOH Red Platform

Anyone slightly familiar with the IoT industry is acquainted with how difficult the market can be to enter; even the most creative and necessary solutions can struggle to make it whilst demand and supply are high.

Without support from existing companies or a large financial backing it is nearly impossible to get involved, and this is what many big companies have now teamed up to combat.

Seven internationally recognised key players of technology and more specifically IoT, recently announced the mass roll out of their plan to facilitate the development of IoT novelty ideas. Designed by Canadian communications company Sierra Wireless, and supported by giants ARM, Bosch Sensortec, MediaTek, Orange, Qualcomm Technologies and Talon Communications, their solution is an open source hardware platform called mangOH Red. It was created with “maker communities” specifically in mind, allowing its users to fast forward the last stage of trialling: the platform reduces prototyping and testing time from months to mere days and is suitable for all IoT as it comes with fully stocked building blocks. The idea is that it is available to everyone, everywhere, no matter whether the user is a professional or an amateur.

To provide some background to mangOH Red, it was first founded in 2015 to help regular developers create prototypes from wired, wireless and sensor technology. The software it runs is open source Legato through Linux, which is easily available for all parties to use. Philippe Guillemette, Chief Technology Officer of Sierra Wireless says mangOH Red is based on feedback they had received from the ecosystem and developer community on the prototyping process.

According to Nasdaq, the day following the announcement Sierra Wireless’ value rose by 8.2%, signifying the industry’s confidence in their working model. While it must be kept in mind that mangOH Red is above all a profitable product, it is also a tool that makes the innovation process of rival companies easier. It is the first of its kind in terms of availability, and is a sign of the key players moving towards a more open attitude in helping along rival innovation.

Dashboard hopes this opens a new direction for innovation in IoT and reduces barriers to taking the best solutions to market – and not only the ones with the resources. Products like mangOH Red are the type that take the industry forward and that is the future we see for easy-access products in IoT.