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Modern UK technologies on the rise

On January 23rd, Theresa May presented the UK with the latest industrial strategy. The announcement highlighted how the government will heavily invest and encourage robotics, AI and 5G wireless internet.

The plan will benefit from a £4.7 billion growth in funding for research and development (R&D), which will also take into account smart energy technology, with the Fourth Industrial Revolution compromising of automation and robotics set to produce promising results soon.

While it was expected that the government will reveal more detailed plans of this project soon, it is important to note just what kind of changes this investment will bring. An increase in funds for R&D will no doubt result in more innovation but also tighter, more close cut competition between companies in all relevant sectors. There will be co-operation between developers but also a closer race to bring the next big thing to the market for mass consumption.

The ease of sticking to conventional methods, fear of the new and lack of knowledge of implementation have been more persistent for home energy. With plans to boost smart energy technologies, the strategy could follow the path of green energy which is expanding year on year, almost automatically by now, and products such as Tesla’s home battery could become commonplace. With all this in mind, we are predicting a surge in popularity of smart technology.

5G will replace 4G as the standard for online connectivity. This will be one of the slowest changes to take place but has possibly the highest rate of success and the greatest impact. We have witnessed the birth of mobile access to the Internet with progress towards 4G within the last decade and it is now available for nearly every mobile, tablet and computer today. Being a vital part of everyday life – required every single second – it is being pushed forward by strong consumer demand.

These cover only some of the predictions Dashboard has for the outcomes of the industrial strategy of the UK’s government. However, we believe these will be the most visible and the ones that will have the most impact on developers and consumers. The investment will help the UK grow as a whole, matching its American and German counterparts for leading technology production and we are thrilled to see what the strategy can do for modern technologies.