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Pumping Oil Through Wind Power

Since our inception, Dashboard has focused on Oil & Gas, but simultaneously we have been able to recognise the importance of modern green technologies.

We have shown distinct interest in wind, solar and biofuel technologies and are always thrilled when these are successfully combined with the oil industry. This is the case in a Norwegian based oil recovery project that is using wind to power the recovery process.

Called WIN WIN (WINd powered Water INjection), the project explores how wind power can be used in oil production. The current idea is to install floating turbines that will provide the process of water injection, also known as water flooding, with electricity, pushing the oil out from the other side with heavy pressure. The project is divided into a number of phases; the first phase involves determining whether the concept is technically feasible, how likely it would be to meet performance targets and how cost competitive it is compared to regular methods. Having successfully passed this assessment stage, the project is now moving into the second phase of refining and testing the electrical support for the plan. Additionally, the administrators are looking to research broader applications.

Project manager Johan Slätte recently released a statement on the progress and future objectives of the project, saying the partners will use a small-scale physical set up to conduct tests on the systems. “While phase one was a desk top study, this phase is a natural step before going into piloting with real prototypes. The second phase of WIN WIN is expected to run over the course of one to two years and will result in an application guideline document for the industry.”

The current prediction is that this project will be a great help to breaking down the economic feasibility of wind power. It is a great opportunity for the industry to reduce its carbon footprint and build on a green side to oil.