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Our intelligent pipeline field equipment

We are developing IoT sensors and edge computers for pipeline monitoring

Our field equipment unit consists of a clamp-on sensor suite managed by an intelligent edge-controller. The system links to our cloud platform using cellular communications that allow us to remotely configure, manage, and monitor the system. 

The LIMPET sensor suite

Our proprietary clamp-on flow sensor system offers a suite of configurable sensors that use ultrasonics to measure flow. Known as the LIMPET, it is part of our intelligent solution to provide performance clarity on pipeline performance. The LIMPET collects additional data to feed into the cloud platform. It fulfils the need to monitor assets and provide real-time data, without intrusive work on the internal pipeline.

The LIMPET is the pipeline end of our end-to-end pipeline monitoring solution. As providers of both software and hardware, we offer remote low-level control and diagnostics of our field equipment from the cloud. We substantially reduce the need for on-site personnel and improve the time-to-resolution for problems that could develop into HSE issues. 

Edge controller

A next-generation intelligent hub, the edge-controller manages and monitors data collection and remote communications for our sensors and third-party instrumentation. The intelligent insight of connected sensors identifies issues as they arise and provides diagnostics and information when required. 

Sensor options

Flow profile

  • Current flow across the system
  • Historical volume through the system
  • Value through the system
  • Energy through the system
  • Volume balance for leak detection

Temperature profile

  • Temperature along the system
  • Historical temperature profile changes

Leak Detection

Our sensors for volume balance can analysis changes in volume and notify where leaks.


Testing the LIMPET at the National Engineering Laboratory, a test and certification facility run by the TÜV SÜD group, and a world-class provider of flow measurement to the energy, oil and gas sectors

  • Automatic and intelligent onboarding that does not disrupt daily operations
  • Retrofittable and non-invasive installation that upholds the integrity of the pipe
  • High accuracy flow measurements (certified at the National Engineering Laboratory) across a wide variety of fluids, including kerosene, water, and heavy crude
  • The sensor load out of a LIMPET is modular, so can be adjusted to reflect local needs
  • Sensors can be daisy chained and will intelligently work together with the supervision of our edge controller