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Intelligent pipeline

Legacy pipeline

95% of the world’s oil and gas pipelines are not smart. Most are entirely uninstrumented. So the first sign of a problem is a drop in flow at one end. 

This method of monitoring issues along industrial networks costs operators in time, money, man hours and resources. Our solution highlights problems as they occur, providing operators near instant insights.

Adding our hardware to existing, or legacy assets turns them into smart infrastructure. You gain access to a wealth of untapped insights to inform the best decisions for your business.

Pipeline running through landscape

The smart answer

We are bringing older networks into the digital age. Designed for retrofit, we offer a turn-key solution to upgrade existing pipelines. We capture data from our own sensors and incorporate it with data from other sources.

This provides a helicopter view of the whole system and a near real-time understanding of the health of the pipeline. It also enables predictive management with our state-of-the-art machine learning technology.


Our platform combines remote sensing, edge computing, cloud services and data visualisation. This end-to-end solution means that our customers have a single source of truth for their data.

Dashboard has designed system software and field hardware platforms to use modular architectures. We keep the complexity of our monitoring solution to a minimum, while maximising the value it brings.

We build reliability into our system. This applies to all aspects of our solution. We communicate with our clients to provide the network they need. The use of multiple sensors allows measurement of all parameters you wish to apply. We can assist in selecting the appropriate communications network for each field location. We can apply modern server technology for all system data processing and user access. Our engineers and consultants offer a pathway to a robust and sustainable network.

We design our equipment with discretion of installation and minimal maintenance in mind. Our monitoring points for pipelines show only a few attachments. On underground pipelines, you will see a small cabinet and pole-mounted solar panel. Above ground installations show only a small attachment, cable and supporting infrastructure.

Data security is paramount. Our system grants user access based on roles. A similar, top quality method is used for data security for all field equipment. We are part of an advanced project to provide quantum encryption solutions, tested on both of these interfaces.


We tailor our solution to each individual customer. Dashboard’s engineers will inspect your network system, terrain and user profiles to determine the specific requirements. Once we have a snapshot of your business we can set to work building a solution. Our system and consultants work in tandem with you to manage equipment selection. Once decided, we can apply this to each field installation.

We’re passionate about meeting customer needs and exceeding expectations. Our team will work with diligence to identify the best integration plan for your solution. Once in place, we implement processing techniques and data displays optimised to your business.

We endeavour to make our technology easy to transport and set up. Our equipment is modular and easily shipped. Kit construction is rapid and installation simple to complete.

Introduction of on-site equipment takes a matter of minutes. It can then be immediately added to the prepared system integration. If you wish to perform an immediate system test, we can make that a priority. Full system testing can be completed before leaving the site.

Our platform promotes convenience and operator peace of mind. The Dashboard network solution is simple and easy to configure. We can apply our field installations to both new and existing equipment. Install, set up and utilise without interrupting service.

The Limpet

The Limpet is a smart, retrofit device. It provides real-time visibility across the length of a pipeline system.

Features of the Limpet:

  • The device is a proprietary ruggedised field system supporting sensors to reflect localised threats with a unique EX-rated retrofit design.
  • Each device is fully independent, reporting by exception in order to mitigate power consumption and minimise transmission costs.
  • Multiple sensor types provide real-time diagnostics including:
  • Leak detection
  • Security
  • Flow measurement
  • A power system that enables it to operate independently for a minimum period of 2 years.
  • Multiple communications interfaces: ethernet, wi-fi, cellular and satellite for data, as well as GPS.

Data analysis

Operators need reliable and responsive systems to handle insights, predictions and reports.

We use a neural network to stream data from our sensors to your display. This network cuts down on transfer latency and keeps your users happy.

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