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Non destructive testing

Within the field of pipeline management, monitoring and maintenance, structural integrity is a key requirement. We offer continuous, non-invasive, and non-destructive monitoring. Our solution enables intelligent decisions to mitigate the host of challenges involved in maximising the useful and reliable lifetime of a pipe network. These challenges include:

Corrosion is the leading cause of pipeline issues, accounting for a fifth of oil & gas incidents in the USA. The interior of a pipeline is especially difficult to inspect. Yet, doing so is vital in identifying and minimising hydrate formation.

Ground shift is predominantly caused by cycles of drying/soaking, freezing/thawing, and seismic events. These shifts can move pipelines by up to 2 feet. This movement causes large mechanical stresses, which can rapidly lead to catastrophic failure. Real-time monitoring allows operators to respond swiftly to issues before they develop.

Extreme weather takes its toll upon above-ground pipelines. Strong winds can create powerful vibrational harmonics within a pipe, and this accelerates the growth of fatigue fractures. Heavy rainfall is particularly hazardous at river crossings. Significant problems can arise when swollen rivers wash away support structures.