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Expert IIoT Consultancy

Your IIoT guide

With decades of combined experience, our consultancy team can guide you through the digitisation process.

Our expert consultants will quickly get to grips with the specifics of your business, validating your data sources and identifying any gaps. We provide IIoT consultancy services in the following areas:

Engineering services.

Our consultancy team has many years of practical, hands-on industrial engineering experience. They have had a hand in developing the latest industry leading products. Our consultants can assist you in understanding the challenges you face. Be this in your product development cycle or how best to deliver it to market.

We are data experts.

We will assist you in helping bring the right data to the right people at the right time. A Dashboard view is essential to ensuring that all people within a business can relate to the data.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) expertise

Dashboard has delivered several cutting-edge IIoT products. We understand the challenges to delivering a new IIoT product to market. Our consultants are proficient in the latest development methodologies from agile to Dev-ops. We will communicate with you to understand your product and your customer. Our talented professionals provide guidance in bridging the gap to ensure the product meets the right market needs.

IIoT Consultancy illustration